AKA Editorial Services

AKA Editorial Services is a professional copy editing and proofreading service based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Andrea McKay spent 17 years as a newspaper reporter and duty editor before becoming a freelance proofreader in 2003. Since then she has worked for a variety of clients, including more than five years as manuscript editor, copy editor, and proofreader for The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House.

She has worked on more than 200 published novels, including international best-sellers by E.L. James, Suzy Duffy, Sherri Hayes, T.M. Franklin, Susan Ward, Katherine Lowry Logan, Tracey Alvarez, Katie Reus, and Suzanne Rock.

Andrea is a member of the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd).

The magic of the Internet means that, from her home in the beautiful South Pacific, she has been able to assist authors from all over the world, mostly in the US but also Britain, Australia, Portugal, and New Zealand. She is fluent in both British and American English usage, and many different genre styles.

Andrea knows self-publishing is a stressful and costly process, so she keeps her rates fair to ease that worry. Her aim is to make your written words the best they can possibly be.

AKA Editorial Services is not accepting any new manuscripts at the moment.